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The launch

International Womens Day, 8th of March 2008 at The Griffith Campus Club, Griffith University. Photos from the launch.

In the media:

The Australian (13/09/08)

Computerworld (10/03/08) (10/03/08)

PCWorld (10/03/08)

ACM-news (8/03/08)

ABC Radio National 'Life Matters' Podcast 5.8 MB (6/03/08)

Southern Star (27/02/08)

Griffith News Now (27/02/08)

Courier Mail (26/02/08)

Media release (25/01/08)




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The next Tech Girls project is coming - called "Tech Girls Are Superheroes"!

It will be launched on International Womens Day (IWD) 8 March 2014

Love to have your support for our Kickstarter campaign - we aim to raise $5000 by Dec 13. Even a donation of $1 is helpful!


Apologies that this site is a little out of date - all of our resources are going into the new exciting project!


Have you seen the revamped tech girls blog? Check out what awesome stuff Jenine does in her work in technology (updated regularly).


We now have a new story as part of our online part of the book! Our latest story is by the very talented Ekta, an advanced analytics consultant. Check out her story here... Ekta's Story


The stories goes online!

We excitedly started 2011 by announcing the launch of the online version of Tech Girls are Chic (not just Geek!). Due to popular demand, this is an extension of the hard copy pink book, and each few months you will see the profile of a new Tech Girl, a photo and profile, and an entertaining story in the same way you enjoyed the stories in hard copy. Gemma was our first in the new online series, be sure to read her story at Gemma's Story


We will be launching another story in shortly. If you would like to be the next Tech Girl thay we profile in 2011- send us your story, profile and a funky photo today at:


Have you heard Jenine's podcast with the Sydney Writers Centre? You are welcome to leave your comments here

Check out the new videos with our authors - and tell us what you think!

View comments posted about the book

Tech Girls Are Chic (not just geek!) Trailer

Tech Girls Are Chic - The Importance of the Book

Tech Girls Are Chic - First Experience With Technology

Tech girls are chic, not just geek is a fun new book showing that it takes all types of people to work in Information Technology (IT). Our 16 'tech girls' are women working in a range of technology jobs across Australia. They are a bunch of fun and funky women who find working with technology challenging and interesting, and they are far from fitting the stereotypical 'geek' image portrayed by the media. They use their technical and/or non-technical skills (usually a combination of both) to have a successful career in IT.

So who wouldn't want to work with technology? There are heaps of jobs all over the world, travel to exotic locations, interesting and challenging work, and you often don't have to work in a boring office. Sounds like a great career? We think so! So why do so few people (especially girls) choose this type of career? That's a great question. Researchers have been trying to uncover this mystery for many years, and conclude that the industry has a serious image problem. The stereotype is that working with technology is boring, and that you have to be nerdy and spend all day in front of a computer alone. This is not what Information Technology (IT) is all about. Once you see the book you will see why! You can see a bunch of fabulous gals who work with technology every day; and they love it.

What if you were the person who invented the iPod, or YouTube, or Instant Messaging? Could this be you? Why not? It had to be someone! And it could be you. Imagine what technology would look like if we had more girls creating it? It might be a very different world! And new technology jobs are created every day, so your job of the future might not exist yet. How exciting!

Aimed at girls aged 12-16, the book also has wide appeal to educators and employers. As the number of females studying and working with technology is at an all time low, we hope to inspire girls to think a little deeper about technology, what they like about it, what they are good at, and what are the things that are important to them in their future career. We believe you will be able to relate to us and what we do, and we hope to help you understand that it is ok and even a good choice to have a career working with technology.

School girls attending one of the following events in 2008 will receive a free book: Go Girl in Melbourne and at Technology Takes You Anywhere in Brisbane on the 22nd August and other school and industry events throughout the year.


Tech girls are chic, not just geek is a not-for-profit project with all proceeds going to printing and distributing more books.

The launch

Did you love our geek at the launch party? we did! Jessamy is a drama student we found on facebook. If you would like to hire her for your function, contact her today. Click here to see the geek and chic!

Our title

The title of the book came about through our competition to name the book. Previously called the 'girlie IT book', we are happy to announce our new title for the book - 'Tech girls are chic, not just geek'. A huge congratulations to Sarah Ray for the winning title, she wins a new model iPod nano. And thank you to everyone who entered, we received over 100 entries!


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